Markers, markers, markers!

Social distancing day…? Out looking for markers on the Ridge and a little exploring on the 1933 Ridge Route Alternate (or Highway 99). If you’d like to look up information on these markers, there’s a cool interactive map here.

Markers on the Ridge Route

Up on the hill on the right, on the edge of a barbed wire fence.

Hidden in the brush on the left side of the road by a phone line pole. Marker is pretty faded.

Really cool one located on a rock on the right side of the hill (coming from Castaic)

Right up on the curb next to the gate at the Castaic Lake lookout

These are on the hill on the right, right as Ridge starts to drop down to Templin Highway. There is a little trail that you can take up to go see it. One on the actual old road and one right below the marker.

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