A Drive Down the Ridge Route and Ridge Route Alternate

Ridge Route, Highway 99 and the 5 Freeway – all going to and from the same place, just from different eras. In my social distancing adventure outside the house, I drove on all 3 of these roads. Starting out on the Ridge Route in Castiac, I headed north towards Templin Highway.

Continuing on to Highway 99, the Ridge Route Alternate through Templin Highway. There were little water falls running down the rocks and the trees are really green with all the rain!

From there, we jump back on the 5 Freeway and head North to find the North end of Ridge Route. We just traveled up to Sandberg’s since that end of the road is in such bad shape. Spent some time exploring the ruins of Sandberg’s. The original pipes are seen popping out of the ground. Foundations and some walls along the edges of the hills are still standing.

On to the final bit of our journey, we did a sweep through the Tejon Ranch area looking for bits of the old Ridge Route. These are various spots along the road as well as Deadman’s Curve.

While we did drive back on the 5 Freeway, it’s not really safe to pull over to take pictures there so here’s your shot of the 5 from the old Highway 99!

That’ll conclude our little drive along all 3 of the roads!

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