Power lines and Towers

Something I’ve always been curious about are the many types of power line towers running along the Ridge Route and the 5 freeway. Some old and rusted and some modern.

I did a little research and discovered the Big Creek Transmission Line. This transmission line was first put into service on November 8th 1913 and runs from the Big Creek Hydroelectric Generating Station to Los Angeles. Between 1917 and 1929, the original 150kv lines were replaced with 220kv lines and towers. Many of these 220kv towers can still be seen on the Ridge Route.

There’s a photo in the Huntington Library link from tower 202-2 with the Ridge Route in the background. I went up to the tower to try to recreate that shot. That’s the last photo with the 5 freeway and Ridge Route in the background.

Here are a few links with information:

Photos of the Big Creek Transmission Lines – Huntington Library

Edison History Timeline – Edison Website

So Cal Edison History – SCVHistory

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