The Ridge Route Alternate

As traffic increased in car technology improved, the 1915 Old Ridge Route just didn’t cut it anymore. The need for higher speeds and a better flow of traffic pushed for a new and improved road.

The Ridge Route Alternate, showing the center “suicide” lane

The Ridge Route Alternate opened in 1933. The goal was to have a highway that could handle a lot more traffic with less accidents. While its 1915 predecessor was notorious for its sharp winding curves, the Ridge Route Alternate had wide, sweeping curves allowing for safer travel at higher speeds.

The 4 lane expressway Ridge Route Alternate

Eventually the Ridge Route Alternate was expanded a 3 lane road, including a northbound, southbound and the center “suicide” passing lane, then expanded again to a 4 lane expressway, starting in 1948. Finally it was replaced by the 8 lane Interstate 5.

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