Ridge Route Travel Guide

Here’s our updated Ridge Route Travel Guide with clear maps of what exactly is open and locations of historical significance.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage anyone to drive the closed off section of the road. It is, however, accessible on foot, bike, scooter, horseback, unicycle… whatever creative way you could get back there without a motorized vehicle!

There’s still lots to see of the Ridge Route and much of the road is accessible to anyone! Foundations of hotels can be found scattered along the road along with gorgeous views! Castaic has a ton of curves of the original concrete that swoop out from under the current paved road. Lots of places to pull over and look at the original road. Even a spot with the original curbing!

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Green – Maintained, passable by anyone
Yellow – Rough road, not maintained and/or proceed with caution
Red – Closed to motor vehicles but still accessible through other means

All photos shown below are taken at locations accessible by car or a very short walk after parking the car!

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