PHOTOS: The (official) Ridge Route Tour!

When I heard the Ridge Route Communities Museum was doing a Ridge Route Tour, I jumped at the opportunity! How awesome is it to do a tour with actual Ridge Route historians! While I won’t spoil the whole tour for y’all , I’ll give you an idea of what it’s like.

We all met up in a dirt lot – it was cool to see a good sized group of people who are passionate about the road! Each one has their own connection to it. One man had grew up in the area back in the time the Ridge Route was still active!

The first leg of the tour ran through Gorman, including Ralphs Ranch (yes, as in the Ralph’s Grocery Stores!), Caswell’s (one I hadn’t previously done much research on), and up to Quail Lake. We met the owner of the Ridge Route Ranch – and his Longhorns and Bison! Then followed the Ridge Route up to Sandberg’s!

Our tour guides, Bonnie, Bethel and Kevin, were very knowledgeable and so much fun! All kinds of fun facts in there as well as intriguing stories at each stop!

We drove the old concrete between Sandberg’s and The Tumble Inn and imagined what it would be like to drive it “back in the day”. The tour concluded at The Tumble Inn… the epic arch marking the end of the open section of the road.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend going on a tour with them! So much information, so much fun!

Here’s where you can find their information:

Ridge Route Communities Museum & Historical Society Website

Ridge Route Communities Museum & Historical Society Facebook Page

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