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1933 Ridge Route Alternate

There is an optimal light to shoot each road in – for the RRA, it’s definitely dark, cloudy days!

The Ridge Route Alternate was bypassed by the I-5, a section commonly referred to by locals as the Grapevine. It has sat as an access road to the Pyramid Lake Dam and surrounding campgrounds for 50 years.
The funny thing about this road is its relationship with the neighboring reservoir. The original road, the Old Ridge Route, was built up high partially due to plans of a reservoir planned for Piru Gorge. When they put the Ridge Route Alternate in, it was in the direct path of this proposed reservoir. Whoops.

In 1973 when the dam was completed, a section of the Ridge Route Alternate was submerged underwater as part of the new reservoir. It’s name? Pyramid lake, after the pyramid shaped cut in the mountainside, created by the road construction.

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