Exciting News!

Hi all! I have some exciting news coming your way!

The central goal of 8N04 has always been making the Ridge Route accessible to anyone – whether that be over the internet in the form of photo and video or by giving information to find historic locations. Now adding to that goal: to document every inch of the Ridge Route.

Why? One day there may be an earthquake or landslide that takes out a significant portion of this historic road. If the road is gone, I would like there to be clear documentation of what it looked like. Historical reference.

Volunteering at the Ridge Route Community Museum in their Archive has really inspired me. Looking at all the historic photos and articles that were taken of just everyday life gives lots of clues into the past. While these photos may have not been anything special in the day, they are incredibly important now. Historic accounts of life on the road.

I’m in the process of revamping the website and all media to provide clear documentation of the road. This includes aerial photos and videos.

Here’s what’s in the works:

2 video series:

(Available on Facebook and Youtube)
  • “A Quick Look” – 1-3 minute videos with Aerial videos of locations of historic significance.
  • In Depth: The Old Ridge Route” – 3-5 minute videos with interviews covering locations of historic significance in depth. History of the location, as well as Aerial videos and some historic photos.


Instagram account featuring spotlights on sections of the road, facts and locations of historic significance. These are a couple of the recent posts of the road:

FAA Part 107

This sounds like a very fancy thing but it’s the commercial UAV pilot license. It allows me to fly bigger drones, fly commercially and request access to different airspace. I am currently certified with the FAA TRUST to fly my small drone for hobby. This is my hobby as of right now. Eventually I would love to offer aerial photo prints and upgrade to a bigger drone that could get much more in depth photos and videos.

Email list

We now have an email list where you can get all the Ridge Route updates directly! You can sign up on the homepage of the site

Facebook Live

This one has been the most difficult for me since I’m so used to being behind the camera… I would like to do some FB Live Q&A sessions about the road, photography and video work. If you have any questions you would like answered, go ahead and email them to RidgeRouteGallery@gmail.com

With that all said, I’m super excited for the things coming up!

Thank you for supporting the 8N04 Ridge Route Gallery!

-Sydney Croasmun

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