Liebre State Highway Camp

State employees who worked on the road – both originally and during the improvements, stayed here at the Liebre State Highway Camp, along with their mules, horses and equipment! It’s still used today to store heavy equipment on occasion. Identified as a large turnout on the West side of the road, across from Forestry Road 7N23..

The road was a constant work in progress. As cars got faster, more travelers passed through the road and more accidents happened, it was made pretty clear there was work to do. The road opened as an oiled dirt road in 1915, but as traffic increased, the surface did not fare well. In 1917, the California Highway Commission went ahead with paving The Ridge Route in concrete.

Now, the road was struggling to keep up with the traffic. The Ridge underwent another renovation starting in 1922 to straighten many of it’s accident prone curves. The improvements seemed to be ongoing and these laborers definitely had their work cut out for them!