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Sandberg’s Summit Hotel

Sandberg’s was a joyful place… if you sit quiet, you can feel the excitement and good times still floating through the air. It was a high class place, with one of the higher pricetags at $2.50 to $3.50 per night. I know, it sounds like nothing nowadays! A sign reading “Truck Drivers and Dogs Not Allowed” made it clear – they were catering to the higher class travelers.

Built by Harald Sandberg in 1914, it started as a 1 story cabin and expanded to a grand 3 story hotel and cabins with running water and electricity. Known for its large fireplace – spoiler alert – that ended up being the demise of the hotel.

Sandberg’s was famous for a few things. Apples being a big one! You wouldn’t be able to tell now, but it was surrounded by apple orchards planted by the Harald Sandberg. The fine “Sandberg’s Mountain Apples” were fit for a president… or two… as they were given to both Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt as inauguration presents.

When the Ridge Route was bypassed, the hotel was sold. The hotel lived a few different lives after that – grand tales that seem to be unconfirmed. There’s talks of prostitution, gambling, and a German spy – but those are all just rumors… or are they?

Sandberg’s is easily accessible by the public and can be reached with any vehicle.

What it used to look like

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