Castaic Landslide & Clean Up

Well… we’re through the rainy season and here’s the report – There is one decent sized slide in Castaic, 0.85 miles north of the gate. There is also a blown out culvert that is starting to impact the road just south of Kelly’s. Here is an in depth view of the Castaic Landslide: Photos ofContinue reading “Castaic Landslide & Clean Up”

Ridge Route Conditions – PHOTOS

We all have been holding our breath on this one…. After the 2005 landslide that led to the closure of the Ridge Route, the biggest fear has been another devastating blow to the road. The most recent rain storm was pretty brutal and hit the road hard. Here’s a first look… (Click on images toContinue reading “Ridge Route Conditions – PHOTOS”

Ridge Route & Rain

Let’s talk Ridge Route and rain!  There was a real problem with roadways washing out leading up to the construction of the Ridge Route. That ended up being the deciding factor for the placement of the road. When surveying locally, there were pre existing options that could have been used in place of the  sectionContinue reading “Ridge Route & Rain”

Ridge Route Washout? (Photos)

One of my biggest goals with this site is to show accurate, up-to-date conditions of the Ridge Route. With recent rain and even more rain this coming week, here’s a spot to keep an eye on. I would not recommend driving through this part (map below) if you do not have a vehicle with goodContinue reading “Ridge Route Washout? (Photos)”

Ridge Route: The Aftermath of the Route Fire

On August 31st, around noon, a the Route Fire started off the I-5 just North of Castiac. It took 5 days to put out and burned 5208 acres, including much of the South Ridge Route. The incredible firefighters were able to save almost every structure on the road (I’ve gathered there were a couple RVsContinue reading “Ridge Route: The Aftermath of the Route Fire”

Ridge Route Travel Guide

Here’s our updated Ridge Route Travel Guide with clear maps of what exactly is open and locations of historical significance. Disclaimer: I do not encourage anyone to drive the closed off section of the road. It is, however, accessible on foot, bike, scooter, horseback, unicycle… whatever creative way you could get back there without aContinue reading “Ridge Route Travel Guide”

Hidden Bits of the Ridge Route in Gorman

A drive through Gorman to find new chunks of the Ridge Route. Following Gorman Post Road to Peace Valley Road. A nice piece in good condition at Gorman Post Road right off the 138. Wonder if it’s original or has been redone?